• This year’s conference was a great success!
    This year’s conference was a great success! Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth to learn how Delfi's Personalized Tourniquet Systems help provide safe and effective care for patients. We look forward to seeing you again at ORNAC 2017 !
  • PTSii Portable Tourniquet System
    PTSii Portable Tourniquet System Bringing portability and advanced safety features to modern surgical facilities worldwide.
  • Vari Fit Contour Cuffs
    Vari Fit Contour Cuffs "We have been using the variable contour cuffs for 10 years. We began using them to lower tourniquet pressure by 20%. The contour shape is more in line with the legs and provides a better fit and consistent pressure so it is not tight at the calf and loose at the ankle. The doctors found this to be a legitimate concern and are still using them." -Deborah Kelly, Fairfax Surgical Center
  • Pedi Fit Tourniquet Cuffs
    Pedi Fit Tourniquet Cuffs Children are special and require special tourniquets for surgery. Delfi's Pedi Fit Pediatric Tourniquet Cuffs with Matching Limb Protection Sleeves are available in four sizes to fit the limbs of most children; from neonates to adolescents. The unique P-shaped design with offset ports maximizes surgical exposure on short limbs.