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variable Contour Cuffs
Allows Most Extremities to be Fitted
with just Three Cuffs

Why Variable Contour?

The "Variable" contour in Vari-Fit cuffs, comes from an innovative design which combines both a specific contour shape and pivoting fasteners, allowing the cuff to conform to the patient's unique limb shape, providing a personalized fit on a range of limbs with a high degree of taper to almost cylindrical
Superior Personalized Fit and Performance

Delfi's Vari-Fit Variable Contour Tourniquet Cuff and Matching Limb Protection Sleeve System was developed because people differ so much in the shape of their extremities. Vari-Fit cuffs allow most extremities to be fitted with just three cuff sizes.

The enhanced fit of these wider cuffs provides a clean, bloodless surgical field at lower pressures, so surgical procedures can be completed as efficiently and expediently as possible. Because the Vari-Fit cuffs fit the extremities so well, occlusion of arterial bloodflow can be achieved with pressures as low as 200 mmHg for the single bladder style and 250 mmHg for the dual bladder style.

Vari-Fit cuffs can be used to achieve occlusion of arterial bloodflow at even lower pressures, near the ideal Minimum Effective Pressure for each patient – using techniques described in the medical literature that are based on measuring the Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP) of individual patients (see Recently Published Results).

To safely achieve and maintain occlusion of arterial bloodflow at low pressures, Vari-Fit Contour Cuffs are specifically designed for use with Delfi's PTSii Personalized Tourniquet System and compatible with Zimmer’s A.T.S.® Automatic Tourniquet Systems*.

Delfi Vari-Fit Variable Contour Tourniquet Cuffs are wider than standard tourniquet cuffs (5.5 vs. 4.0 inches or 14 vs. 10 cm) in accordance with the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses’ guidelines which recommend using as wide a cuff as possible**.

* A.T.S. is a Registered Trademark of Zimmer, Inc.
** AORN Standards, Recommended Practices, and Guidelines, 2007, pp617-630.


Contour Cuff Shape
In combination with two unique pivoting fasteners allows a superior fit along both proximal and distal edges of the cuff 

Variable Fasteners
Allow the cuff to conform to a wide range of limb shapes for uniform transfer of cuff pressure across the entire cuff width to help lower limb occlusion pressure (LOP)

Secondary Fastener
For enhanced stability and ease of application

Better Inventory Management
With a cost effective personalized solution requiring stock of only three cuffs sizes for arm, thigh and lower leg, compared to the four to seven cylindrical cuffs needed to cover a similar range of limb circumferences

Low Pressure Cuffs for Improved Safety
As recommended in current AORN Recommended Standards and Practices Guide, tourniquet inflation pressure should be kept to the minimum effective pressure.

A study comparing tourniquet cuffs and pressures used during surgery showed that significantly lower pressures can be used with Vari Fit Contour Cuffs when Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP) is measured

Single Port
Dual Port
Vari-Fit Variable Contour Tourniquet Cuffs, Single-Use (10/box)
Vari-Fit Arm Cuff (5.75″ x 26″)
Vari-Fit Thigh Cuff (5.75″ x 37″)
Vari-Fit Lower Leg Cuff (5.75″ x 23″)
Vari-Fit IVRA Cuff, dual bladder (5.75″ x 26″)
Each single-use Vari-Fit Cuff is supplied with (1) non-sterile Matching Limb Protection Sleeves (MLPS)
Single Port
Dual Port
Vari-Fit Variable Contour Tourniquet Cuffs, Reusable (1 each)
Vari-Fit Arm Cuff (5.75″ x 26″) green tie ribbons
9-7920-002 (10/box)
Vari-Fit Thigh Cuff (5.75″ x 37″) blue tie ribbons
9-7920-003 (10/box)
Vari-Fit Lower Leg Cuff (5.75″ x 23″) red tie ribbons
9-7920-001 (10/box)
Vari-Fit IVRA Arm Cuff, dual bladder (5.75″ x 26″) green tie ribbons
9-7920-002 (10/box)
Each reusable Vari-Fit Cuff is supplied with (5) non-sterile Matching Limb Protection Sleeves (MLPS)
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