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small adult cylindrical Cuffs
Small Limbs Require Small Cuffs

The Right Size

 Petite-Fit's optimized cuff widths are designed to provide maximum surgical exposure.  For use when standard adult tourniquet cuffs are too wide for surgery
Designed for Small Adult Limbs

Body shapes vary, and specialty tourniquet sizes may be required for surgery.

Delfi’s Petite-Fit Adult Tourniquet Cuffs with Matching Limb Protection Sleeves were invented specifically for adults with small limbs to help lower limb occlusion pressure (LOP), and provide maximum surgical exposure.

Petite-Fit cuffs are reusable and available in two cuff sizes, in single and dual port configurations.

For use with the Delfi's PTSii Personalized Tourniquet System,  and compatible with most automatic tourniquet instruments.


Soft & Flexible
Design of both cuffs and Matching Limb Protection Sleeves allow close conformance around small limbs for the application of tourniquet pressure

P-Shaped Cuff Design
Allows each cuff to adapt to a wide range of limb circumferences and allows the cuff to conform to small circumference limbs. An offset port guides tubing away from the surgical site, reducing obstruction and making draping of the limb and cuff easier

Two Independent Cuff Fasteners
Help make proper cuff application easier, and provide a secondary means of securing the cuff around the limb

Optimized Cuff Width
The width of each cuff is designed to reduce the need for high tourniquet pressures while providing the maximum surgical exposure


petite fit cuff
Single Port
Dual Port
Petite-Fit Cylindrical Tourniquet Cuffs, Reusable (1 each)
MLPS (10/box)
Petite-Fit Adult Extra Small Cuff (3" x 15") yellow trim
Petite-Fit Adult Small Cuff (3.5" x 17") grey trim
Petite-Fit, Small Adult Cuff Set of 2, includes one of each: Extra Small and Small
Each reusable Petite-Fit Cuff is supplied with (5) non-sterile Matching Limb Protection Sleeves (MLPS)
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