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Easi-Fit BFR

Variable Contour and Cylindrical Cuffs
Easy and Consistent Application

Enhanced Fit

The unique offset port design and Easi-Fit Application Handle makes cuff application easy and consistent, while helping improve cuff stability on the limb
Unique Design with Patented Features

Delfi’s Easi-Fit Tourniquet Cuffs for Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) are uniquely designed to make cuff application easy and consistent. The contour cuff shape in combination with a patented variable fastener allows a superior personalized fit along both proximal and distal edges of the cuff to help lower limb occlusion pressure.

Easi-Fit BFR cuffs are reusable and available in four standard lengths 18”, 24”, 34”and 44” to accommodate a wide range of limb circumferences from 11 to 40 inches without gaps in coverage. Featuring quick-connect connectors, compatible only with the PTS for BFR and hose assembly.

Matching Limb Protection Sleeves (MLPS) are recommended to help protect the skin beneath the cuff while the cuff is pressurized. Every Easi-Fit BFR cuff includes one MLPS, replacements are available. Every Easi-Fit BFR cuff includes one MLPS, replacements are available.


Offset Port Design
Takes the guesswork out of port location, allows the ports to be positioned in the desired location prior to securing the cuff around the limb

Contour Cuff Shape
In combination with a unique variable fastener allows a superior fit along both proximal and distal edges of the cuff

Variable Fastener
Allows the cuff to conform to a wide range of limb shapes for uniform transfer of cuff pressure across the entire cuff width to help lower limb occlusion pressure

Application Handle
Makes cuff application more consistent, opens to make cuff removal faster and helps maintain the cuff in a stable position on the limb

Secondary Fastener
For enhanced stability and ease of application

Easy Fit Cuff
Single Port
Easi-Fit BFR Variable Contour & Cylindrical Tourniquet Cuffs, Reusable (1 each)
18″ Easi-Fit BFR Cuff (4.5 x 18") red trim
9-7950-018 (10/box)
24″ Easi-Fit BFR Cuff (4.5" x 24") green trim
9-7950-024 (10/box)
34″ Easi-Fit BFR Cuff (4.5" x 34") blue trim
9-7950-034 (10/box)
44″ Easi-Fit BFR Cuff Cylindrical (4.5" x 44") brown trim
9-7950-044 (5/box)

9-7950-300 Multipack (12/box)
Includes four of each: 18"/24"/34"
Each reusable Easi-Fit BFR Cuff is supplied with (1) non-sterile Matching Limb Protection Sleeve (MLPS)
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