PTS Personalized Tourniquet System for Blood Flow Restriction


Delfi’s state-of-the-art PTS Personalized Tourniquet System for Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) has been specifically designed to safely regulate and control tourniquet pressure for Blood Flow Restriction applications.  The PTS Personalized Tourniquet System for Blood Flow Restriction is intended for use on those patients for whom a physician or physician’s designated licensed health care practitioner has indicated perioperative blood flow restricted exercise.

The PTS for BFR system is based on Delfi’s proven surgical tourniquet instruments and cuffs, and includes advanced personalization and safety features developed specifically for BFR applications.

BFR Easi-Fit Cuffs_Rolled_Cropped

Delfi’s Easi-Fit Tourniquet Cuffs for Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) are uniquely designed to make cuff application easy and consistent.  The contour cuff shape in combination with a patented variable fastener allows a superior personalized fit along both proximal and distal edges of the cuff to help lower limb occlusion pressure.

Easi-Fit Tourniquet Cuffs for BFR are available in three standard lengths 18”, 24” and 34” to accommodate a wide range of limb circumferences.

Matching Limb Protection Sleeves are available to help protect the skin beneath the cuff while the cuff is pressurized.


Download the PTS Personalized Tourniquet System for Blood Flow Restriction Brochure

Distributed exclusively in the United States by Owens Recovery Science


Personalized Pressures 
Delfi’s patented Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP) technology allows a patient specific LOP to be measured and automatically calculates the patient’s Personalized Tourniquet Pressure (PTP) as percentage of LOP

BFR Pressure Application Timer 
An easily adjusted BFR pressure application timer controls the length of time that the cuff will remain pressurized, and for safety automatically deflates the cuff when the application time elapses.  A clearly visible digital display of
pressurization time remaining is shown

Advanced Pressure Regulation
The same advanced pressure regulation technology as used in our surgical tourniquets maintains the cuff near the selected pressure during limb movement

12 Preset Protocols
Preset upper and lower limb therapy protocols recommended by Owens Recovery Science for strength, endurance, and cyclic BFR make set-up quick and easy. Key parameters can be adjusted on the spot for automatic personalization

Interval Timer
User activated timer counts down pre-programed rest time intervals between sets, visual and audio signals alert user to begin next set

Reps Indicator
Monitors progress in a protocol by displaying the number of exercise sets and reps as completed

Intuitive User Interface
Easily verify key parameters and therapy session progress. A responsive touch-screen with graphical interactive elements simplifies operation and adjustments

Session History
Automatically records key tourniquet parameters including: Limb Occlusion Pressure, Personalized Tourniquet Pressure, cuff inflation pressures, pressure application time and number of pressurization cycles

Reperfusion Timer for BFR
After a BFR cuff pressurization cylcle is completed, a programmable reperfusion timer prevents the cuff from being pressurized again until the reperfusion time has elapsed, helping ensure adequate time between
pressurization cycles for limb reperfusion

Safety Alarms
Audio and visual alarms warn of cuff over and under pressurization.  Self test and calibration test on start-up verify proper instrument operation.

Integrated Leak Testing
Cuffs, tubing and connectors may be automatically tested for leaks before or after use.

Battery Back Up
Up to 4 hours of operation with a tested cuff.


Height: 180 mm (7.0 inches)

Width: 120 mm (4.7 inches)

Depth: 110 mm (4.3 inches)

Weight: 1.08 kg (38.0 oz)

Cuff Pressure Range: 50 – 350 mmHg, adjustable in 1 mmHg increments, automatically regulated to within +/- 10 mmHg of the selected pressure

BFR Pressure Application Timer: 1-30 minutes, adjustable in 1 minute increments

Reperfusion Timer for BFR: 1-10 minutes, adjustable in 1 minute increments

Inflation Speed: inflates a typical  thigh cuff within 5 seconds

Integrated Tourniquet Cuff Testing: 30 seconds

Catalog Number
9-2200-200BFR PTS Personalized Tourniquet System for BFR
PTS for BFR Instrument with three compatible PTS Easi-Fit BFR Cuffs 18″, 24″, 34″, and Carrying Case
9-2200-001BFR PTS for BFR Instrument
9-7550-018 PTS Easi-Fit for BFR 18″ Cuff
9-7550-024 PTS Easi-Fit for BFR 24″ Cuff
9-7550-034 PTS Easi-Fit for BFR 34″ Cuff
9-7550-044 PTS Easi-Fit for BFR 44″ Cuff
9-7950-018 Matching Limb Protection Sleeves (for 18″ Easi-Fit BFR Cuff) 10/Box
9-7950-024 Matching Limb Protection Sleeves (for 24″ Easi-Fit BFR Cuff) 10/Box
9-7950-034 Matching Limb Protection Sleeves (for 34″ Easi-Fit BFR Cuff) 10/Box
9-7950-044 Matching Limb Protection Sleeves (for 44″ Easi-Fit BFR Cuff) 5/Box
9-2200-550 Roll Stand and Basket