Matching Limb Protection Sleeves


Delfi’s Matching Limb Protection Sleeves are intended to help protect skin and soft tissues beneath tourniquet cuffs. Each Delfi Matching Limb Protection Sleeve is intended for use with a specific Delfi cuff.

Matching Limb Protection Sleeves help protect underlying skin and soft tissues from injuries such as pinching, wrinkling and shearing. The use of Delfi Sleeves is supported by published surgical literature.

Molds of the skin surface under tourniquet cuffs: green areas are smooth within +/- 1 mm,
yellow to red indicates pinches 1 to 2+ mm high, light to dark blue areas are indentations
1 to 2+ mm deep.

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Soft, Latex-free Material
Applies an appropriate amount of tension to the limb, less than that of a snugly wrapped tourniquet cuff, within the recommended limb size range for the matching Delfi Cuff

Helps Protect Skin from Pinching, Wrinkling and Shearing
As recommended in current AORN Standards, Recommended Practices and Guidelines, using appropriate limb protection under the cuff can significantly reduce soft tissue damage

In extensive testing using a molding and digitizing technique, Delfi research staff have found that a fitted sleeve that is matched to a specific cuff and that applies a controlled amount of compression to the limb virtually eliminates pinching and wrinkling of the underlying skin.

In contrast, wrinkling and pinching of the skin using 2 layers of cast padding is often just as severe as when the cuff is applied directly to bare skin.



Catalog Number Contour Limb Protection Sleeves (box of 10)
9-7920-001 Lower leg limb protection sleeves (red)
9-7920-002 Arm limb protection sleeves (green)
9-7920-003 Thigh limb protection sleeves (blue)


Catalog Number Small Adult Limb Protection Sleeves (box of 10)
9-7910-001 Extra small adult limb protection sleeves (grey)
9-7910-002 Small adult limb protection sleeves (yellow)


Catalog Number Pediatric Limb Protection Sleeves (box of 10)
9-7900-001 1.5 Pediatric limb protection sleeves (black)
9-7900-002 2.25 Pediatric limb protection sleeves (blue)
9-7900-003 3.0 Pediatric limb protection sleeves (red)
9-7900-004 3.5 Pediatric limb protection sleeves (green)

Delfi Matching Limb Protection Sleeves: U.S. Patent 6,361,548 and U.S. Patents Pending, and foreign patents.