Easi-Fit Tourniquet Cuffs


Variable Contour and Cylindrical Tourniquet Cuffs

Unique Easi-Fit design with patented features:

  • Contour cuff shape in combination with a unique variable fastener allows a superior fit along both proximal and distal edges of the cuff.
  • Variable fastener allows the cuff to conform to a wide range of limb shapes for uniform transfer of cuff pressure across the entire cuff width to help lower limb occlusion pressure.
  • Secondary fastener for enhanced stability and ease of application.
  • Application handle makes cuff application more consistent, opens to make cuff removal faster and helps maintain the cuff in a stable position on the limb.
  • Offset port design takes the guesswork out of port location, allows the ports to be positioned in the desired location prior to securing the cuff around the limb.
  • Extended ports allow pneumatic connections to be made away from the patient’s limb with positive locking connectors.

Download the Easi-Fit Tourniquet Brochure 


Single Port Dual Port Easi-Fit Tourniquet Cuffs MLPS
9-7500-018 9-7600-018 18″ Easi-Fit Variable Contour 9-7920-018
9-7500-024 9-7600-024 24″ Easi-Fit Variable Contour 9-7920-024
9-7500-034 9-7600-034 34″ Easi-Fit Variable Contour 9-7920-034
9-7500-044 9-7600-044 44″ Easi-Fit Variable Contour 9-7920-044
9-7500-052 9-7600-052 52″ Easi-Fit Variable Contour 9-7920-052

MLPS = Matching Limb Protection Sleeves